i have a problem with 310.44 driver on my notebook, with GT640M/I7/8G/HD4000

hello, i have a problem with 310.44 driver on my notebook, with GT640M/I7/8G/HD4000

i installed 310.44 32-bit driver from here
on centos 6.4 (32-bit…

here are my steps:

  1. use command:
    [root]# yum install -y kernel-devel gcc make binutils
    to prepare minimal soft requirements(these softs are the minimal requirements from the README.txt from 310.44 driver…
    after install basic soft, download the 310.44 driver(linux 32-bit. and save it in /tmp/

  2. blacklist the nouveau driver, modify /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf ,add “blacklist nouveau”

  3. rebuild initramfs image, by command:
    [root]# mv /boot/initramfs-#(uname -r…img /boot/initramfs-#(uname -r…img.bak
    [root]# dracut -v /boot/initramfs-#(uname -r…img #(uname -r.

  4. modify /etc/inittab, change the contents “id:5:initdefault” into “id:3:initdefault” to start centos in character mode.
    after start centos in character mode, use command:
    [root]# lsmod | grep mouveau
    to confirm that nouveau is not running.

  5. use command :
    [root]# chmod +x nvidia*.run
    [root]# ./nvidia*.run
    and i install it without any problems ,and then show me the success sign.
    i use the default .conf file created by the installing program. and the installing program save my old .conf file as well.

  6. reboot centos, and i still get into the character mode. i use command :
    [root]# lsmod | grep nouveau
    without any output, which means the nouveau driver is not working, and it’s correct.
    then, i use command:
    [root]# lsmod | grep nvidia
    with output that shows there are nvidia driver running

  7. then, i use command:
    [root]# init 5
    and then centos can’t open the graphic mode…the screen is black for a long time without any responds.

  8. i had to force to restart centos, and use “linux single” to log in centos, then ,i found:

    Fatal: no screens found

    in Xorg.0.log file!!!
    besides, the xorg.conf file generated by installing program contains 10 screens in .xonf file…

i try to rewrite the BusID:1:0:0 in the last second part.

the BusID comed from
use command :
[root]# lspci | grep NVIDIA
… 's output

however it’s not help.

how can i install nvidia offical driver on centos 6.3/6.4 (32-bit.?

thanks for your patient to answer my questions…