I have a problem with change sgie label:

i works on jetson nx with DM6.0.
and my pipline is pgie, sgie0 and sgie1 which pgie and sgie0 for detector same as back-to-back, and sgie1 for recognition of face.
for pgie and sgie0, i can get tensor output correctly, i want to change face label (detected by sgie0) to person’s name after comparing distance by sige1, but failed.
pls help to check where is problem?

        NvDsObjectMeta *obj = (NvDsObjectMeta *)l_obj->data;

        (already tried different unique_id here same back to back, but failed, too)

        std::string str = appCtx->allnames[i];
        strcpy(obj->text_params.display_text, str.c_str());

pls help to solve the problem,
thank you very much!

What’s your issue?
You can change obj->text_params.display_text to anything you want to show on the screen.
Just one example, see the attached.

not there problem, i fixed deepstream-app.c and get all sgie works well right now and shows person name label already, finished face recognition with all objects together and runs smoothly now.

thank you very much!

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