I have a question about custom deepstream test-5:

i am working on custom yolo model and custom test-5, i changed libs and sources codes of test5, and make it successfully now.
i changed test5 app name to new: deepstream-wangtest5-app,
but when i run command: ./deepstream-wangtest5-app -c wang.txt, it shows error of Segfault Error, and fail to run.
i checked /opt/nvidia/deepstream/…/bin, i think it is less deepstream-wangtest5-app.bin,
how can i do about this problem? pls give an advice.

thank you very much!

I think it should be a regular software problem.

  1. make sure the original test5 work well
  2. recheck your changes and find which part could cause the problem together with the backtrace log since it’s a seg fault issue

thank you for your kindly supports and your time!
yes it is a easy problem which caused of i changed test5-app.h:

i should not change like that and only change file name, now it is working well already.

why don’t NVIDIA get test5 to more easy? too many loops and it is a little trouble when i work sgie1&sgie2 by object detection of yolo…spent one month nearly.

thank you very much!