I have one issues in camera device in jetson AGX xavier? "Device not ready (error 600) (hex 0X258)"

Now i am working jetson agx xavier in object detection project! i have camera issues

“Device not ready (error 600) (hex 0X258)”

But this code perfectly run in jetson nano !

how to handle the “Error 600” in jetson agx xavier ?


Could you share more details about the error?

Below is the CUDA error =600 information for your reference first:

cudaErrorNotReady = 600
This indicates that asynchronous operations issued previously have not completed yet. This result is not actually an error, but must be indicated differently than cudaSuccess (which indicates completion). Calls that may return this value include cudaEventQuery() and cudaStreamQuery().


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Hi @AastaLLL

“[cuda] device not ready (error 600) (hex 0x258)
[cuda] /home/ai/jetson-inference/build/aarch64/include/jetson-inference/tensorNet.h:754”

This above two line are my error!

But one think, camera is on condition, detect all object but not show in the video output screen


Is there any modification to the jetson-inference source?
Please noted that you will need to checkout the corresponding branch if you are using JetPack other than 5.0.2.


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Yes i was modified the code in jetson inference, But i was woking jetson nano(Jetpack 4.6.0) ,its perfectly working

But now i am trying jetson agx xavier in same modified jetson inference code, But the above error happens

Thanks buddy @AastaLLL

Hello guys!

@AastaLLL and all,

Solution is only jetpack 4.6.1 is perfectly working!

I was solving this issues! once again i am booting os (especially jetpack 4.6.1) and execute the same program perfectly run the code and also activate the camera!

Thanks for supporting guys

Good to know you find a way to solve this.
Thanks for the update.

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