I have problems with test5 by custom models:

i am working on Jetson NX ubuntu 18.04 and deepstream SDK is 5.1.
i use my custom yolov4 model for object detection back-to-back, one PGIE, and SGIE1, SGIE2, all is yolov4 object detector, not classfier.

when i try to edit and make test5.c or back-to-back.c, the function of NvDsVehicleObject shows erros which like below:
pls give an advice how to pass the problem? can i visit an instance to edit the function to match my own classes?

thank you very much!

is NvDsLanObject a typo in your code?
“NvDsLanObject” is not a structure DS defined - Search — Deepstream Deepstream Version: 5.1 documentation

yes this is my defined because i used custom yolo model.
pls give some advice how to defined this function.


what is this function for?

Lan is a class inside of my yolo model, i want to count it and sink data.
and i try to edit new test5.c, but errors when make NvDsXXXObject function.

is it a post processsor for your yolo model?

i checked NvDsVehicleObject funtion just now,
should i edit it to new?

no, my yolo model didn’t include Vehicle class, my class is person and Lan two classes

Sorry! since I don’t know what this you will use for… I don’t know how to give suggestion.

hi, Lan is just a object class which similar vehicle or person,
i used it to protect children in garden or other dangerous place, only a object class in model.


is it possible to share your repo?

i didn’t start my repo still, and i just check code of back-to-back and i will use it by custom models.
i try to change the NvDsVehicleObject to my class NvDsLanObject and make, but show that errors.
i know i should define new functions, but don’t know where and how to do that?

thank you

i have finished defination pls ignore the problem and close.

thank you

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