I have some qustion about Isaac。

1:Whether the navigation algorithm will be open source, and if not, or can be provide detailed and complete explanation of configuration parameters?
2:Is there any consideration for the development of other robots such as four-legged robot control module in the future?
3;Is it feasible to transplant ROS to Isaac, and if so, what needs to be done.

1 - right now it’s not open source and we may open it up in the future. Not decided today
2 - at this point the reference designs are supporting wheel based AGVs. You would be required to write the applications to drive “legs”. In the future we will be adding capabilities for other types of robots that can be leveraged as a basis.

The Isaac Ecosystem and community is growing, and I would not be surprised to see such an implementation being shown soon. But, I dont know for sure.

3 - what do you mean by “transplant”? As of today there is a ROS bridge that allows ROS and Isaac to collaborate inside the robot. If you want to migrate a ROS component to Isaac you would need to adapt it to the Isaac engine’s scheduler and messaging subsystem and ensure that all dependencies of the component are migrated to the Isaac SDK as well

Hi Denvend,

Our team is closely working with Nvida and developing enviroment add-ons as well as specific hardware and software drivers for robotic development. We will be releasing this soon. It will make for easier/speedier integration of isaac and we are porting many features of ros to isaac. Is there specific components of ros that you are interested in the Isaac lacks?

Also we will be supporting Quadruped platforms.