i have strange problem !!

Hi Guys,

My Laptop is ASUS TP500L:
VGA: GeForece840m
Ram: 8.00 GB
Windows 8.1

PES 2013 setting is written that VRAM is 32 MB !

See strange attached photo please .

How can I resolve this problem to run PES 2013 ?

i would try to set the geforce gpu as a dedicated PhysX card by rightclick your desktop and choose nvidia control panel then navigate to PhysX and make sure the geforce 840m is PhysX card instead of auto
also please post a screenshot of dxdiag( typ after clck windows start dxdiag without the marks
also i advice to install gpu caps viewer from ozone3d site to check if gpgpu (opencl opengl direct compu ect is installed)

make sure the opencl has both cuda drivers as well as intel opencl 2.0
https://plus.google.com/+johanpeeters83/posts/CuUCoGdcU8m intel opencl

https://plus.google.com/+johanpeeters83/posts/EfiPyTEXipc cuda opencl