I install iotedge and runs wrong at jetson NX

i installed iotedge but runs errors at jetson NX,
i note iotedge docker gateway IP is, but jetson NX is,
is it here problem?

thank you

sorry pls forget the issue,
and i got it run now it is only string problem.


Glad to know you resolved it, thanks for the update.

but another problem is runs:
xhost local:iotedge,
it shows like this:
non-network local connections being added to access control list

how to do?

Sorry that we have no experience of this iotedge, maybe other users can share their experience.

no problem and deepstream works very well with iothub together right now.
both tools are super nice and NO.1 to leading the trend of AI development in future,
user is very happy for the both tools like me.

thank you very much.

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