I installed a new system on my host pc.Shoud I flash the tx2 again?

I’ve flashed my tx2 with the old host system.Now I installed a new ubuntu system on my PC.What should I do now?
Thanks in advance!

The Jetson itself is independent of the host which flashed it. Unless you use your host for CUDA development which you plan to migrate/cross-compile to the Jetson there probably isn’t anything to do with the Jetson. The typical answer would be to just keep the Jetson at the latest release unless you have a need to support an older CUDA version. In the case that your PC supports some CUDA version newer than what a Jetson supports you might have a dilemma if you want to develop on the PC for the Jetson. Probably you can just ignore the difference until it is time to flash again due to a new Jetson L4T/JetPack release.

NOTE: If your old host performed router functions for the Jetson you could just set up router functions again manually. I’m not sure what JetPack does for router setup when the PC acts as the router during a flash…you could conceivably flash again for no other reason than to set up networking, but I wouldn’t advise it.