I installed the backup image of TX2 to TX2i. Is this causing problems for TX2i?

backgroud:We need to move the work environment to tx2i, so i flash the backup image of TX2 to TX2i, it is work, every thing look like ok.
questions: I know TX2 and TX2I have two separate installation environments in the managersdk, will my operation affect the performance of TX2I ?

Actually the TX2 and TX2i only differs in bootloader and dtb from software aspect.

If your backup image is from APP partition, then it has nothing to do with above(bootloader/dtb).

I have added usb, dp hdmi dual display patch, according to your description, I need to regenerate my DTB file, right?

Yes, you have to. Be careful TX2 dtb is not compatible with TX2i dtb.

thank you very much

Just a reminder that there is one other requirement of using the rootfs partition between two Jetsons: The rest of the partitions have to be flashed with the same release. For example, if the original partition is flashed from R28.1, and the clone is being flashed into another Jetson, then the L4T release would need to remain R28.1…an R32.3.1 flash of an R28.1 rootfs would very likely be a failure.

Thanks for the warning