I issued a cuda 9.0 installation via network, but it reports the graphics driver cannot find compatible graphics hardware?

What the hell is it?
I’ve just bought a 1070Ti in days.
Is there any problem running cuda 9.0 with it ?
Is there any official response to it?
Should I ignore the warnings?

there is no problem running cuda 9 on it.

This issue is common with GPUs that are newer than the CUDA toolkit. If you have a driver installed on your 1070Ti now, you should be able to use it with CUDA 9.

You can find other reports like this one if you search on this forum.

I’ve ignored the driver module and extra module installation, and all was ok.
And yet another problem popped up:

I extracted cudnn 7.0 for win7 into the folders where cuda installed.
Then I uninstalled the tensorflow for cpu from Anaconda 3.
And just now I installed the tensorflow for gpu in Anaconda 3.
When I tried to run a sample given in tensorflow folder, it reports error for error loading dlls.

What can the problem be?