i need fix for Message installation cannot continue update 397.64

I have update 391.35 my Card gt 630 2gb

Your gt 630 2gb is a Fermi GPU. Support for Fermi GPUs have been disappearing for a while from newer NVIDIA software (CUDNN does not support Fermi, CUDA 9/9.1/9.2 do not support Fermi, etc.)

In the release notes for that driver:


it states:

"Discontinued Support
 32-bit Operating Systems
Beginning with Release 396, NVIDIA is no longer releasing Game Ready drivers for
32-bit operating systems for any GPU architecture.
Beginning with Release 396, the NVIDIA Game Ready driver no longer supports
NVIDIA GPUs based on the Fermi architecture.

So your GPU is not supported the R396 driver branch that 397.64 is based on. I would recommend you continue to use the 391.35 driver for your GPU, which is based on the R390 driver branch, which still supports Fermi.