I need help with using InfiniBand in my data center


To compute data in direct access memory, I want to buy hardware that supports InfiniBand RDMA in my data center.

I watched a video on how the RDMA Protocol works.

I have some questions :

  2. In order to have unlimited bandwidth on a server/client, how many network adapters are needed?
  3. How much DPU is required per server/client?
  4. Is one switch required for one Rack?
  5. What is the best InfiniBand Cable for more performance?

The rack network is busy for 480 GB data transfer before the compute task.

To remove transfer and direct computation, I am checking whether RDMA will be useful.

I would like to discuss hardware networking with RDMA.

My rack having :

  • 2 server storage
  • 8 client server

For RDMA storage (such as NVME) is important or RAM?

What hardware is suitable for RDMA computation without transfer?

I focus on the best IB hardware, such as :

  • Switch
  • network Adapter
  • DPU
  • Cable

Hi Magdalena,

Where are you located? I want to forward your email to a regional sales department that can help and answer questions and provide a solution.