I need the hardware design docs for the Jetson Nano 2GB

I need to know the parts for components U1 and U6 and it’s not listed in the downloads section I searched this board is not on the schematic or other documents. It is the 2GB version it’s like A01 or something. Can you please help me with these part numbers?

It will also help me in the long run as there is a shortage of Jetsons and I have a drone project and if I need to make repairs I need part #'s for this board.

Which board do you mean, module or carrier? Is it A02 or B01?

A02 the carrier board seems 2 IMU’s and a sonar are too much for the poor little 3v should have read the load capability before adding the second IMU

A02 Do you need more info?

Are you sure it is U1, U6?

There is no U1 and U6 on A02 carrier board.
The U1 on A02 module is Tegra chip, U6 is RTC6608O of RF part.

Hmm I will have to recheck I will post an image maybe I am not reading the screen printing correctly. It’s 3am so I will do this tomorrow.

It’s the 3541 A02

Looks like an A02 with the 2gb and the USB-C power port. The image shows the U1 and U6 that I am talking about if you don’t see it I can highlight it and repost.

This a spare I have on my other these have smoked.

On P3542 board, U1 is load switch GS7615STDB-R for VDD_USB_VBUS, U6 is buffer 74LVC1G07GW / SN74LVC1G07DCKRE4.

I appreciate the help thanks

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