I test TX reboot。 but failed 。

I test TX reboot。 but failed 。
and how to add Error screenshot ??

On an existing post in the forum, if you hover your mouse over the quote icon in the upper right you will see additional icons show up. One looks like a paper clip. You can attach to an existing post via that icon…I don’t think you can add an attachment at the same time as you create a post.

That’s a strange error. It seems maybe the desktop partially is there, like some sort of zoom effect. Can you access the Jetson via ssh? If so, can you post the content of “/var/log/Xorg.0.log”? If you can’t ssh you might be able to still use serial console. See:

i have not use jetson via ssh。 but power off , and restart again.

If you were to look at how the screen should display, then just a single one of those “tiles” would fill the screen. Your view looks like it zoomed out over a larger area. The actual widget for entering name/password of login is also missing…it is where the black is. Without serial console I think your best bet is to reflash.

For R24.2.1, see:

R28.1 was just released, you may want to substitute with that instead. For this release see: