I tried using nvidia clara for model training and i did the docker setup given in the documentation but getting Nvidia driver error

I did the docker setup of Nvidia clara and tried executing training script train.sh in commands folder but its giving this error…Found No Nvidia Driver on your system .Though i have nvidia drivers installed on my system.Following is the screenshot of the error with nvidia-smi command.

Thanks for your interest in Clara Train SDK.
Could you clarify if you are running this from with in the docker ? nvidia-smi is shown from 2 different prompts. It could be the way you launched your docker.
Could you check out the notebooks to get you started clara-train-examples/PyTorch/NoteBooks at master · NVIDIA/clara-train-examples · GitHub
There, you would find scripts to install docker, nvidia docker and docker compose. There are scripts to launch the notebooks in a jupyter lab for you to get started

Please let us know how it goes

Hope this helps

Hi …Thanks for the solution and tried executing the jupyter notebook of GettingStarted and i am getting this error:
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘medl’.I tried finding the solution for this but i am not getting anything related to this anywhere i found the github solution of this over here :

But the solution isn’t working for me as when i am trying to use clara docker container its giving nvidia driver issues as above. Could you please help me how should i resolve this?