I try and delete a new extension and Delete doesn't work

Right Click - Delete - Nothing happens unless I select each file and delete it.

A dialogue box appears asking me to confirm delete, I do, still the item remains.

Maybe for a real extension you don’t want people deleting, but if you try something, and don’t know what to do, I don’t what it staying around.

And just my opinion, but your using VS Code instead of Visual Studio is a mistake. I installed VS Code, and I see the folder you create in File Explorer, but I do know how to get VS Code to open the project you just created.

If this was Visual Studio, and I saw a solution file, I would know how to open it.

I just uninstalled VS Code for the 2nd time tonight, because I can’t even see in the app. I will just stick with Omniverse and not do Python since you have an app called Code and don’t use it. I don’t get why you need VS Code.

I am too old to learn new tricks.

Hi @DataJuggler! I let the developers know that the option to delete appears to be unavailable. I also informed them about your thoughts using VS Code / Visual Studio / Omniverse Code. I will post back here when I have more information to share with you!

Thank you. I am probably the odd ball that has never used VS Code, but older developers are more comfortable with Visual Studio (or at least I am).

Now that I know you are a real person (from videos) I will be nicer!

The icon does look greyed out, but the delete function works. If you’re unable to delete the file, then it may be due to permissions. You can also try deleting from File Explorer; the directory will update accordingly.

I found using File Explorer worked. Thanks for the reply.


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