I wanna ask if python3.7 support dlib19.21

I’m trying install dlib19.21 on python3.7. But when I installed successfully, then I texted “import dlib” & “print(dlib.DLIB_USE_CUDA)”, I just got “AttributeError: module ‘dlib’ has no attribute ‘DLIB_USE_CUDA’”
BTW, I uninstalled dlib for python3.6.9 before I changed to python3.7.

I’m trying this commamd “sudo python3.7 setup.py install”,
but I got “/usr/include/python3.7m/pythread.h:97:17: note: declared here
PyAPI_FUNC(int) PyThread_set_key_value(int key, void *value) Py_DEPRECATED(3.7);”.

Would you check if you have multiple dlib packages on your Jetson?


“AttributeError: module ‘dlib’ has no attribute ‘DLIB_USE_CUDA’”

The error indicates the attribute doesn’t exist.
It looks like you need to upgrade to a certain version that has the attribute added.


I have uninstalled and deleted them already.

I can’t understand. That means I have to upgrade my jetpack version or something else?

Do you use a virtual env for Python?

Actually not. Should I use it and try again?

It would be great!

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thanks! I’ll try it and build python3.7 virtualenv.

I use pyhton3.7 virtualenv now. But when i download dlib, I still stuck in 80%
“[ 80%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/_dlib_pybind11.dir/src/basic.cpp.o”
I don’t know why… I don’t think anything block in virtualenv


Sometimes the library installation takes time on Jetson Nano (in hours).
Could you wait it longer to see if the compilation can finish successfully?


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