I wanna reset Jetson TX1

Hello guys. I’am very amateur on TX1. My TX1 Ubuntu Version is 16.0. I wanna setup Ubuntu 14.0 on my TX1. And I will use the TX1 for the robotic competition.

There is a list of previous versions of L4T here:

The original R23.1 and R23.2 used Ubuntu 14.04LTS. However, those releases also had only 32-bit user space, so this may make life difficult (or better in some cases).

R24.1 initially had 32-bit user space (sample rootfs), but very quickly also had a 64-bit user space released (just get the right rootfs…R24.1 was the transition point from 32-bit user space to 64-bit user space). Unfortunately there were memory leak issues, and quality much improved starting at R24.2…but R24.2 is Ubuntu 16.04 only. R24.2.1 is very good quality…if there is any way you can use this it may be worth your time.

I suspect that if you posted more about why you want Ubuntu 14.04 (such as package compatibility for the robotics programs) you will get more advice.