I want to buy a monitor, but nothing available on market!

So for the past 10 years I have been running a triple monitor setup. What I’m interested in doing is upgrading to either a curved monitor or I want a single monitor that has three flat surfaces to simulate a triple monitor setup.

After looking online for several months I have been unable to find any kind of monitors that support a triple monitor configuration. There is a software application known as displayfusion. But I’m afraid this would reduce my performance while gaining. So I’ve decided to ask monitor manufacturers to engineer a monitor to meet my needs and the needs of other consumers.

I want a display option built directly into the monitor. So the monitor can function as a singlescreen, split screens, triple screens. All the way up to four wide and two high. The way this option works is the monitor itself would contain a total of 2 HDMI ports and 6 DsplayPorts. Labeled as follows 1HDMI, 2,3,4DisplayPort, 5HDMI, 6,7,8DisplayPort.

This would allow an individual to run three cables from a single GPU into the monitor to act as triple monitors. While at the same time supporting 4k. Other use cases could be connecting multiple computers to a single monitor. This could be useful for developers, hospitals and stock traders.

I honestly don’t want to over complicate the monitor itself but in incredibly useful feature would be allow me to plug my keyboard and mouse directly into the monitor. Then run dual ended USB cables to multiple computers. Essentially turning the monitor into a KVM switch. So all I would need to do is drag my mouse from one screen to the next. Extremely useful for videogames that have built in anti-cheats. I could essentially run two desktop computers off a single monitor and click on another screen while in game.

Yes, I am insane. But I do believe that there is a market for a monitor such as this. But input lag must remain under 1ms and the monitor also needs to be G-Sync compatible.

What I personally want to see from monitor manufacturers is a simple. But very effective monitor upgrade and that is a widescreen or curved monitor contains one HDMI port and 2 display ports and a simple monitor setting of single, duel, or triple.

Personally I intend to upgrade my computer monitors in the near future to a six monitor setup. My bottom three monitors will act as gaming, the top center will be for battle map. Since I mostly played Battlefield4. My top left monitor will be for my home security cameras. My top right monitor will contain my live stream. All of this will be done on a single monitor, that’s roughly 60 inches wide and 30 inches high. Monitor must have a wall mounting bracket.

Another great feature would be a small center screen webcam. Which would look like a dot in the middle of the monitor. Kind of ugly, but where else are you going to put your WebCam with a screen that large. There should also be a simple TV mode option. Press one button converts everything into a 60 inch TV press it again for monitor mode.

For a simple curved monitor that’s triple screen compatible retail should be under $1000. Something more large-scale like a 60 inch it would need to be less than $2000. Right now I’m looking at an estimated $300 per monitor. So for a six monitor setup not counting wall brackets I’m looking at nearly $1800 just for monitors. So a $1500 price tag would be reasonable for a 60 inch gaming monitor.