I want to change jetson nano default threshold of fan

How we can change the default threshold value of jetson nano |
Fan starts when temperature reaches to 51C
I want to change it to 40

@WayneWWW @toni.sm @dkreutz
Please help me

Change the temperature inside below device tree file, rebuild and reflash your device tree.


Thank you @WayneWWW

I am very new to this

Is there any override method to do?

If not possible by overriding then,
How to get device tree
how to build it and reflash the device tree

Device tree source code is over here. Choose the release you are using and download the source code tarball.

Prepare a x86 host to do cross compile. Commands over here


After dtb is rebuilding, put it to your BSP folder/kernel/dtb and run the flash.sh command again.

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