I want to connect to xavier via trace32 for debugging,Need a script *.cmm,can you help me?

hi nvidia:
I want to connect to xavier via trace32 for debugging,Need a script *.cmm,can you help me?

Can give me a script that can import vmlinux or tell me codedebug base apb?

We used DSTREAM for Xavier not sure if any lauterbach script for Xavier.
I will update to you after confirm internally.

Ok, thank you very much, I hope you can help confirm it as soon as possible. If there is no script to help check the codedebug base apb

I was never able to get more than a small amount of functionality for the Trace32 on the TX2 and earlier (actual usefulness was near zero…the debugger itself tended to crash when tracing kernel memory operations). Never tried at all for Xavier. However, what it comes down to for vmlinux is that you need to take the existing kernel configuration (e.g., from “/proc/config.gz” plus setting CONFIG_LOCALVERSION), and build the kernel yourself. You can then make available both the Image and vmlinux, and they will match. The kernel customization chapter in the official docs talk about cross compiling, but in your case you won’t need any modifications…you’ll need to mirror the “.config”. When you “make Image”, the vmlinux file will also be built.

hi linuxdev:
Can you give me a copy of xavier’s dstream configuration file?I want to use this file to find the desired address. Thank you!!!

I’ve never been able to get this to function on Xavier.

Could you try the TX2 script for Xavier?


Hi Keith,

I need to connect TRACE32 at AGX Xavier developer kit.
The script you said is for TX2, and works pretty well.
However, Xavier has different to TX2, then it does not fit at all.

May I ask TRACE32 configuration script for Xavier?


I answer my own question ^^

2020 Feb version TRACE32 software has Xavier in the supported chip lists.
And I tested JTAG connection as attach.

  • you need mini 10 pin connector

Hi, can I ask you some questions regarding T32?

  • Did you succeed in connecting TRACE32 to Jetson AGX Xavier?
  • Did you use L4T Jetson Xavier and TX2 R32.4.3 Lauterbach Script in the link below?
  • When I searched xavier on Lauterbach site, the debugger below is searched. Did you use the debugger below?
    • LA-3500 PowerDebug Module USB 3.0
    • LA-3743 Debugger for Cortex-A/R (ARMv8 32/64-bit)

Thank you.


  1. I connected USB type TRACE32 to Jetson AGX Xavier DevKits.
    AGX Xavier DevKits has a 10-pin JTAG connector on the bottom, [J502].

  2. TRACE32 software named Powerview version is important.
    If you have 2019.09 or later version, Powerview will have Xavier as a supported CPU.
    In addition, PowerView demo provides some CMM scripts for Xavier. They work pretty well.

  3. You can use that LA-3500, if you have to buy new one. In my case, a little old model, probably released in 2012.
    However it does not matter to use. License is a key.
    If you wanna debug Xavier’s ARM parts, you may be needed ARMv8 license. I think, it includes multi-core license
    inside. Cortex-R is for PMIC I think, and i do not need it.

thank you.