I want to draw line,circle or square without opencv

Hello everyone. I have a jetson Nano . I am using ssd mobilenet-v2 on object detection. My FPS score 25-30 but if I use opencv library for drawing line and circle, my FPS score droping to 5-10 how can i do this without using opencv. İs there any code on jetson.utils ?

This looks like a Jetson issue. Please refer to the below samlples in case useful.

For any further assistance, we recommend you to raise it to the respective platform from the below link


Hi @ufukasill, please see these code samples for drawing shapes using CUDA functions from the jetson-inference/jetson-utils library: https://github.com/dusty-nv/jetson-inference/blob/master/docs/aux-image.md#drawing-shapes

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Amazing thanks. :) So can i write text on img like this ?

See imagenet.py for an example of overlaying text on an image: