I want to have a complete set of Orin source codes

Hello, I have a NVIDIA Orin development board. I have burned the image version of 5.0.1 into this development board with SDK manager, which generates NVIDIA_ SDK and sdkm_ Downloads two directories, I use NVIDIA_ sdk/JetPack_ 5.0.1_ DP_ Linux_ JETSON_ AGX_ ORIN_ TARGETS/Linux_ for_ Tegra/source_ sync. SH downloaded the sources folder. There are some kernel source codes in it. I want to have a complete set of Orin source codes. I found that I still need build, prebuilts and Xavier files (I learned that these files are missing from the previous p2888-0001 device). But I don’t know where to download them. Can you tell me?

Hi @liuzhiyuan0821, I am sorry to hear that you have setup issues with your Orin board!

I am sadly not able to help you with this, but I will refer you to the experts over in the Orin forums.


Suggest to upgrade to the latest JetPack 5.0.2 GA release, and you can find relevant source packages from Jetson Linux 35.1 | NVIDIA Developer

thank you,i have slove the issues

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