I want to implement Firewall on Cuda using clamav signatures

I want to do it on a linux virtual machine … please suggest me how to install cuda in a virtual machine or can we do it using unity mode, since clamav is used only for linux systems.

You should be able to install the CUDA toolkit in a virtual machine without any difficulty. However if you want to install the driver and run CUDA applications in that VM, then you need to make sure that a GPU is passed into that VM using a PCI Passthrough mechanism. The possibility and method will vary depending on what hypervisor you are using.

Is this some kind of academic excercise?

I am not sure CUDA is the right way to go, as you have to transfer a lot of data from ethernet (or disk in case of Antivirus) to GPU for scanning, and this may become your bottleneck (assuming that I/O isn’t your bottleneck)

Searches on the excellent site hgpu.org:


Please give me a proper way of installing cuda in vmware…