I want to initialize isaac sim

I want to learn by repeating tutorials several times. However, once i change the code in the open source code, it is difficult to learn because i cannot start from the initial state.

I want to restart from the initial setup. It is difficult to change from isaac sim → isaac Examples → Hello world → open source visual studio to the initial setting. Please let me know how to return to the initial setting.

Hi @kqu0585

You can always save a copy of the original code…
And if you don’t want to lose your changes, you can rename your modified version of the class HelloWorld to prevent instances of this class from being created

# Copyright (c) 2020-2021, NVIDIA CORPORATION.  All rights reserved.
# NVIDIA CORPORATION and its licensors retain all intellectual property
# and proprietary rights in and to this software, related documentation
# and any modifications thereto.  Any use, reproduction, disclosure or
# distribution of this software and related documentation without an express
# license agreement from NVIDIA CORPORATION is strictly prohibited.

from omni.isaac.examples.base_sample import BaseSample

# Note: checkout the required tutorials at https://docs.omniverse.nvidia.com/app_isaacsim/app_isaacsim/overview.html

class HelloWorld(BaseSample):
    def __init__(self) -> None:

    def setup_scene(self):

        world = self.get_world()

    async def setup_post_load(self):

    async def setup_pre_reset(self):

    async def setup_post_reset(self):

    def world_cleanup(self):