I want to know if any physic sim can be runned on windows (isaac seems the only one on omniverse i cant install it on windows)

i have 2 different question one is how i cant make any 3d simulator work on windows by omniverse platform ??is isaac for ubuntu only ?? does i have any alternative ? im on window 10 home and i have a 2080 rtx card

And then is CUDA is a set of drivers or a complete other entities beside omniverse ?? i tried to install custom cuda drivers and create beta was not working anymore. when i tried messing around with nsyght and cuda i had problem with my pc

And lastly i would like to know as a self learner if i can profite of some bundle to pay per month to be able to enjoy a broader range of the verse once il be more comfortable with python.

Hello @benoitlagace376!

I can help answer your question about Physics. Yes you can use our Physics Simulator on Windows. Isaac Sim is only available on Linux, but our Physics Simulator is available to all of our applications in Omniverse. Here are some links to our documentation to help!

I will need to contact the dev team to get help with your CUDA question.

I will also forward this post to answer your question on pricing.

Thanks for reaching out to us!

Also, I wanted to add that there will be a free version of Omniverse for learning and production work.

Hello @benoitlagace376 ,

I can answer you questions around Isaac Sim.
Currently Isaac Sim is only supported on Linux (Ubuntu 18.04).
If you want to run it on a windows machine, you have two options:

  1. Create a linux VM and run it on the linux VM on your machine
  2. Run it on the cloud and stream it your machine using a windows client.
    Please check out our documentation for docker container deployment here: Native Workstation Deployment — Omniverse Robotics documentation

I hope this is helpful for you.

Thank you so much for the help !
I do hope that people at Nvidia sees a clear line between commercial/profit uses and learning (without school)

i am going to read about docker, azure, and some equivalents right now . i think the only bit im not sure about is, do container and application need to be on the same system local or virtual

Have a great day and keep helping learners !