I want to know the order of instruction completion

I have more LDG instructions, for examples:

@!P0  LDG.E.CONSTANT R17, [R2.64+0x4] 
@!P0  LDG.E.CONSTANT R18, [R2.64+0x8] 
@!P0  LDG.E.CONSTANT R19, [R2.64+0xc] 
@!P0  LDG.E.CONSTANT R14, [R2.64+0x10] 
@!P0  LDG.E.CONSTANT R13, [R2.64+0x14] 
@!P0  LDG.E.CONSTANT R12, [R2.64+0x18] 
@!P0  LDG.E.CONSTANT R11, [R2.64+0x1c] 
@!P0  LDG.E.CONSTANT R8, [R2.64+0x20] 
@!P0  LDG.E.CONSTANT R9, [R2.64+0x24] 
@!P0  LDG.E.CONSTANT R7, [R2.64+0x28] 

I want to know if the order in which the instructions are completed ( Execution completed ) is consistent with the order I am currently seeing for a thread?
For example, R17 is ready before R18

The order of completion of load instructions could depend on, whether the data is cached.