I want to record sound from 3 channel

I want to get data from 3 channels ( i.e as using python libraries after entering channels=2 we get each sample as array of 2 values but i want it to be 3 ) so any ideas means i want to confirm whether jetson nano supports this or not. and if support then how can I record it.
import sounddevice as sd

import numpy

recording = sd.rec(int(44100*2), samplerate=44100, channels=3, dtype=‘float32’, blocking=True)

channel1 = [i[0] for i in recording]

channel2 = [i[1] for i in recording]

channel3 = [i[2] for i in recording]






i used this simple code.

Won’t work. Normal audio interfaces are only stereo (2 ch). For recording more channels synchronously you need special hardware which will need special drivers and software. These items do exist but are mainly targeted for music professionals and do cost $$$. And you need either Windows or MacOS and special software. You could use such system for recording and saving as multi-channel wav and use the recorded files on your Nano.

Thank you for your reply sir, really appreciate it.

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