I want to remove some of the older NVidia NSight applications but I need the correct msi file

I want to uninstall 2019 versions of NSight (Compute and Visual Studio). I longer have the MSI files which I need to do this. So I downloaded them from the NVidia website. However I have found that the names of the msi files need to be precisely correct. Is is a simple matter of renaming the MSI file (given all I am doing is uninstalling) or do I need the correct MSI files to do this?
The files I need are;
NVIDIA_Nsight_Visual_Studio_Edition_Win64_2019.30.19200.msi and

I’m not an expert here, but you should be able to find the msi files from the same versions without the “19200” or “26818151” files from the download center and I think they would match the installed versions you have. I’d recommend seeing if those can uninstall your existing version.

I was able to do that with later versions but not these versions

Did you try downloading the file from here Gameworks Download Center | NVIDIA Developer and renaming it to match?

Yes. The msi filenames did not precisely match but I could uninstall for versions from 2020 and after, but not for the 2019 versions