I want to repeat main.cpp of jetson-inference quickly

hello hello, I confirmed that the loop of main.cpp is 6 fps. Is there a way to repeat it quickly?

Hi @barca105qslb9, which sample are you referring to? If it is one of the console applications (like imagenet-console, detectnet-console, ect) - those load and save image to/from disk, so you would want to skip that every loop if you wanted to increase performance.

Sorry, this is detectnet-camera.cpp.

What model are you using, and is your Nano in 10W mode? You could try disabling the display, by changing detectnet-camera.cpp line 121 to this:

glDisplay* display = NULL;

Thank you for your answer.
The other question, How can I change the 32F type to 8U type?

It’s not easily possible right now, as the imageNet/detectNet/segNet classes expect to receive float4 RGBA image, but I am working to add support for uchar3/uchar4 image formats as well.

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