I want to run nvvideoconvert in parallel

hi i have a question
I want to run nvvideoconvert in parallel, but is it possible to specify it by stream ID?
Has anyone done it?

Can you elaborate what “run nvvideoconvert in parallel” mean? Does it mean to convert the same video to different resolution or/and formats in parallel? What will happen after the nvvideoconvert?

For example, suppose you run a pipeline that includes nvvideoconvert in a process and get 60fps.

If the same pipeline processing is executed simultaneously in different processes, both results will be 30fps.

When I run these two processes at the same time, I want both to run at 60fps.

Why do you think the same two processes run at the same time, each of them will get half FPS compared to single process? Is there any precondition?

In reality, it doesn’t seem to be half as fast, but it does slow down.
Is it because each process shares hardware resources?

Sorry, the explanation was wrong

Different processes can be executed in parallel (as different StreamIDs are assigned), so the processing speed will not decrease.

If multiple threads are executed in the same process, they will be executed with the same StreamID, so parallel execution will not be possible and the speed will decrease.

I would like to know how to assign different StreamIDs when executing multiple threads in the same process.

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What do you mean by “StreamID”? I don’t think there is “StreamID” defined with nvvideoconvert. Can you share us your DeepStream pipeline?

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