I want to write a byte to flash( jetson tx1 )

hello everybody:
I want to write a byte to flash of jetson tx1? please give me tips.

It sounds like you just want to write to a file (there are many ways to do this), but perhaps you have a special meaning for “flash”…can you give more information on what you are interested in doing? Perhaps an example of what you wish to accomplish?

I want to store boot times(power on) . therefore,I want to store the number of starts in nonvolatile memory。(TX1 Development board with other board communication, due to power consumption reasons, need to open tx1 with a falling edge, do not need to power down, record the number of boot to nonvolatile memory, I can read the number with uart.)

For “boot times”, do you mean clock time, or a serial number? Is there some critical point in starting up which you consider the definitive mark of having booted? Is there any critical security issue with this log, e.g., you don’t want it available as a normal file, or is a normal file ok? I am unsure of the meaning of “open tx1 with a falling edge”.

Saving in a file once the system boots (or as part of the init files) is probably the easiest way if there is no restriction on this.