I would like to make system.img without connect board.


I would like to make system.img without connect board.

I remember that Tx1 was possible…

Is it impossible on Tx2 ?

hello walterkim,

we will take a look to investigate the crash about making system.img without board connected.
besides, may i know what’s the purpose that you would like to generate the system.img independently?

I haven’t tried this option, but I see flash.sh has an option “–no-flash”. See if that does the job.

I used to edit flash.sh to divide work in different stages. I did this because I had built other software to manipulate or validate file systems before flashing. It’s very useful for customization, but once you have an image you won’t use it much after that (cloning works better for many uses, but is much slower).

Hi walterkim,

Please add this line in flash.sh:

Remove --skipuid flag for running flash command tegraflash.py directly

sed -i 's/--skipuid//g' "${flashcmdfile}"

… immediately after the creation of the flashcmdfile, as seen in the above change:
echo “{flashcmd}" | tee "{flashcmdfile}”;

It’s work with no-flash, please let us know your result. Thanks!

hello walterkim,

due to TX2 flash procedure need to confirm the connected board information, we must put device into forced-recovery mode even without flashing.

you need to modify the flash.sh by adding carolyuu’s instruction to make the no-flash works for r27.1.
after that, the whole flash commands were putting into bootloader/flashcmd.txt which you’ll need this command to flash the system.img for your use-case.


set up path variables

BL_DIR="{LDK_DIR}/bootloader"; TARGET_DIR="{BL_DIR}/{target_board}"; KERNEL_DIR="{LDK_DIR}/kernel";
export PATH="{KERNEL_DIR}:{PATH}"; # preference on our DTC
DTB_DIR="{KERNEL_DIR}/dtb"; if [ "{BINSARGS}" = “” -a “{BINS}" != "" ]; then #COMPAT BINARGS="--bins \""; #COMPAT fi; #COMPAT if [ "{BINSARGS}” != “” ]; then

um… that is not working.

so i modify under

get the board version and update the data accordingly

declare -F -f process_board_version > /dev/null 2>&1;
process_board_version “${board_version}”;

it is working.

is that no problem?

hello walterkim,

this modification should works with your use-case.
however, is there any demands to work on it with device disconnected?