I210 can't find MDIO Bus on TX2


Our custom device changed to ethernet device to Intel I210 CS and Marvell 88mQ2112 100/1000BASE-T1
Transceiver with SGMii

But I210 ethernet controller cant find mdio bus or phy id and never called marvell device driver’s probe function.

lspci -vvv is looks good and can show information 
and tested i210 imgs  too ..
DEV_ID_I210_COPPER 0x1533
DEV_ID_I210_SERDES 0x1537
DEV_ID_I210_SGMII 0x1538

but still cant find phyid or devices

How can I enable Marvel ethernet phy controller?
I cant find any way for that

Hi, you should check with vendor for that. Is there anything related to TX2?

Hi Trumany
i tried finding how to add device driver or examples .
i found i210 and marverll drivers are in TX2’s source but cant finding marvell phy’s code in DT
and drivers are exist in /sys/bus/mdio_bus/

"mdiobus_register" from Linux PHY framework will take care of scanning all the PHY devices (Max is 32) that are connected to the MDIO bus and loads the corresponding driver accordingly.
We will call this function as a part of our driver probe.