I210 integration with Jetson TX2

I have created a custom board with Jetson TX2 and i210 using PCIe2 Interface. After programming i210 the igb driver is not detecting MAC address, it is showing invalid MAC address. The tools available for changing MAC is either efi file or a x86 files. Is there is any way to run these files in Jetson TX2.

I am only guessing, but the firmware should probably be somewhere under:
…and I am guessing “/lib/firmware/i210/”. Maybe you can see a reference to this somewhere on the internet; the location won’t care that it is on a Jetson or different architecture since that firmware actually loads into the i210 and not the Jetson.

There may be some other software customization to tell the system to load the firmware (don’t know, but if the firmware is present, but not loading, then you might need some other software to trigger loading the firmware).

I210 uses igb driver for loading. But in my case igb driver is not reading Mac address from i210 properly. I asked intel about this, they suggested to use this tools to update Mac address in the internal registers. Is there any way available we can run x64 binaries in tx2.

If you mean desktop PC architecture 64-bit, then “no”. If their tool is actually a shell script, then it should be easy to adapt.