I2C bus failure and now Wifi

Hello, We are doing jetbot projects with the nano. We have several jebots constructed and working. During our build today we connected a servo controller to the i2c bus, and the bus failed/shutdown, we also lost wifi. Prior to this, we ran the i2cdetect command, and saw a motor controller (address 60) and a pioled (addres 3c) connected. After this happened, no devices show up with i2cdetect. We have disconnected everything, rebooted, and power cycled, but it will not come back up. I saw in other forums that there have been issues with wifi (intel 8260) but we are running 8265 and have been working fine until now. Any suggestions on troubleshooting, or a possible fix?


Will you reproduce this issue if you don’t connect i8265?

Hello WayneWWW, once the proble, occured, we removed the wifi card and rebooted without it. I2C bust was still down. We then reinstalled the card and booted up, I2C and wifi still down.


Will re-flash the board work?

BTW, does this affect other I/O functionalities? e.g. usb /hdmi/pcie…

Hello, re-flashed the SD and still have same problem. HDMI and USB work properly. Any ideas?

Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce issue with i8265 + our devkit.

Are you able to check whether 8265 is broken or not?


We removed 8265, and i2c bus does not work with or without 8265 installed.

Hi prough.m,

Please RMA your device and tell us your RMA number.


Thought I would provide an update on this. We did get an RMA. New Nano arrived, and worked with original hardware. Problem appears to have been with the Nano.