I2C bus in NX

I am confused with a particular bus in NX ( i2c-101 i2c - 15210000.display ).

I don’t know which hardware pin its directly connected to.
what us the purpose of this bus as there is already 3 bus for HDMI and DP?
Can anyone specify which physical pins its connected to ?


They are just an interface added there to support i2c-over-AUX function for DP. This interface could be used for ddc/ci tool to communicate with the monitors.

What is the physical pin ( i2c-101 i2c - 15210000.display ) connect to ?

Can you please provide a detail pinout for I2C pins in NX as in this thread mentioned by @ShaneCCC ?


It is just same as the dpaux pin you used for DP functionality. DP_AUX_CH1_P/N for DP1 and DP_AUX_CH0_P/N for DP2.

Hi @WayneWWW,
I think you didn’t get my question properly
My doubt is I want to know the physical pin connected to this I2C bus (15210000.display ).

Please check the attached screenshot I want to know the corresponding pins in ‘???’

Screenshot 2023-02-13 114643


I think you didn’t understand my point either. There is no unique pin for this.

i2c-101 could be same pin as i2c-3 or i2c-6 or i2c-5 in your table. Depends on which SOR is in use…

If your nvidpalsy 15210000 is using SOR1, then it is DP_AUX_CH1, i2c-101 physical pin will be same as the pin as i2c-3…

Same rule for SOR0 and SOR2 cases…

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Hi @WayneWWW ,
I can’t find the Pin numbers connected with buses (i2c-6 , i2c-7) in NX.
Can you please point out which pins these are connected, out of the 260 pins ?

Please directly check the xavier nx design guide. It could be that these pins are just not available on NX…

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