i2c clock at 1MHz not 100kHz

The i2c clock for i2c1 is operating at 1MHz, not 100kHz as set in the dts file. Does anybody know why this is? Changing clock-frequency in the dts file has no effect. I need the clock to operate at 100kHz since I have some slow i2c devices.

The i2c clock is operating at 400kHz not 1MHz as I originally said. But I still need it to operate at 100kHz

I got it working. I found a hidden clock-frequency=<400000> that I needed to set to clock-frequency=<100000>

Hello cdb83, can you share any more information on how you solved this? I also have some slow devices connected to I2C1 (j21 pins 3-5) and would like to run at 100Khz.