I2C Communication

My FRC Team has been researching i2c communication and we can only find example code for other platforms none for jetson tk1 and none of the principals we learned such as reading and writing from the i2c-0 dev file and we really need help can anyone show us how to use the i2c in c++ or c?

The examples for other Linux platforms are how they are used on the Jetson.

A good resource is the Jetson TK1 Wiki:


There are also several examples for both the TK1 and the TX1 on JetsonHacks:


On the JetsonHacks examples, I recall that most are for I2C bus 1, so you may have to change that for I2C bus 0, but there are code examples on the JetsonHacks Github repository. The expansion header on the Jetson has a few I2C busses, the one thing to watch for is the signal voltage. Some of the the I2C busses are 1.8v, some are 3.3v. Many common I2C devices run on 3.3V signals, so it’s something to keep in mind.