I2c contorl by devmem

I want to use the devmem control the Xiaver’s register
For example:

I want to use the devmem operate this register in the application layer.
I can not get the base address of the register,just find the offset.
1、can you help me to operate this register like this: devmem2 0x0000000 0x00000000 or busybox devmem 0x00000000 0x00000000
2、can you give me the demo of operate the register to control the i2c

Thank you

The address it 0x3160000
Have a try.

Best Regard

Thank you,I try to use busybox devmem 0x3180000
and the result is show that 0x00022C00,
It is my expected,

But there is some other question
If now I want to contorl the I2C
Can you provide guidance on the operation process

I always cannot write and read data correctly,
and my ultimate goal is to write a large amount of data (about1MB)at one time

Why don’t you check the i2c host driver to check it.

I have checked the drvier file that
I try to follow the fuction that
but it seemed not successsful.

Hi @Larva_Guanxing

Comments from internal team as your reference:

I think for the large data transfers over I2C bus, user can use the i2ctransfer tool.
i2ctransfer man page - i2c-tools - System Administration (mankier.com)

Note that, Linux I2C subsystem allows only upto 8K bytes of data transfer at once.

Yes I know
However, the purpose of my consultation is to achieve 1M continuous writing, so using i2c tool and writing regular drivers cannot achieve my goal
So that will be great for me to give me the demo of operate the register to control the i2c

Thank you

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