I2C device and Probe function problems

Hi all,

In Jetson Tx2 board, We didn’t connect our i2c device. But kernel driver
subsystem calls the probe function from driver code. How to debug the

In device tree, we have the device node for this I2c device.

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Hi All,

In driver, if we comment out the .id_table in driver struct, then it is not loaded. When the device is connected or not, both the time, the driver is not loaded.

The driver is configured as module.

If .id_table is there, probe function gets called whether device connected or not.
Why the I2c master driver does not give the error (Ack error) when device is not connected???

Please help.


hello muhammed.asadpt,

i’m not quite understand your question,
you would like to implement a kernel driver without the i2c device connected ?

could you share more details? what’s the use-case.