I2C device not detected


We have custom board with TX2i.
In I2C@31600000, we have connected devices four devices at 0x70, 0x74, 0x75 and 0x77.
By default, slave node entries were present for 0x74 & 0x77 which is GPIO Expander.
During I2CDETECT, 0x74 & 0x77 are listed as UU. 0x70 is detected as 0x70 which is I2C HUB.

We have removed the slave node info in device tree.
In this scenario, only 0x70 is detected which is I2C HUB. Other devices are not detected when we perform “I2CDETECT -y -r 0”.

Is it required to add I2C slave nodes in device tree to detect using “I2CDETECT” command?

Hi shrinathchoudhary,

No, It is not necessary to add i2c slave nodes in device tree to detect devices via “i2cdetect” command.
By toggling the reset gpios of the respective i2c slave devices from the terminal, those devices can be visible using i2cdetect command.

The i2cdetect should be scan all of device connect to the bus by send command one by one to the bus, there’s no need to add it to the device tree for the scanning. You may need to probe confirm the device have ack.