I2C_GP3_CLK & I2C_GP3_DAT conflict

Hi Sir,

In datasheet and ODM reference design guide,I2C_GP3_CLK is C12 and I2C_GP3_DAT is C13.

But in pinmux excel sheet, I2C_GP3_CLK is C13 and I2C_GP3_DAT is C12.

Which one is correct?

If pinmux excel sheet is wrong, how do I modify it to generate correct dtsi and cfg files?

PS: Currently I use this pinmux excel sheet (official release has the same conflict)


hello JasonFan,

thanks for point out, we’ll check this internally.

hello JasonFan,

we had fix the erroneous, and we’ll update the spreadsheet from download center later.

Hi Jerry,

I found another problem for previous updated pinmux spreadsheet.
If I use the pinmux spreadsheet that you updated (no change), eth0 will be gone.

Please also check this.

Thank you.

eth0 is gone should be a big problem. any update?

Thank you

hello JasonFan,

we had revise the pinmux spreadsheet recently.
i would check the latest update version and get back to you.

hello JasonFan,

we had tested with the updated pinmux spreadsheet and the eth0 still works with TX2/R28.1
since you had file another new topic, https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1025555

could you please share the steps to that topic, and let’s tracking there.

Hi JerryChang,

Thank you.
I have updated my steps on the topic.