I2C speed of IMX219 on Xavier NX

The IMX219 driver runs the I2C bus at 912 Mbps, but the spec for the Xavier NX can handle up to 2.5Gbps.

Could the driver be updated to run at higher speeds and thereby allow higher fps?

Do the two different PLL Trees int the IMX sensor have to have the same speed?

The fps doesn’t matter with i2c bus speed.
The sensor output frame rate depend on MIPI bus speed and CSI lanes also relative with resolution.

Yes, sorry I was unclear.

The IMX219 driver runs at 912 Mbps per lane in the MIPI Interface. Where the Xavier NX could handle up to 2.5Gbps per lane. So based on the 4K-21fps @912Mbps a driver running @2.5Gbps could give > 4k-60 fps, right?

Or am I missing something

Theoretically yes. And you need to sensor REG configure for it.