I2C used for camera in tegra.


I am trying to interface OV13850 camera with Tegra K1 board, I modified the code but I am not getting I2C signal.

Please clarify me the I2C adapter used for camera interface in tegra K1 Evaluation board.

In the driver codes, i2c_adapter is configured as 2. But in the page 67 of the data sheet, the convention CAM_I2C_SCL (I2C3) used. But in datasheet the I2C starts from Zero.

In the file (arch/arm/tegra/board-ardbeg.h) also, the following convention is used,

Is it due to the following memory mapping used as shown below, i2c-adapter2 is used for camera.

OF_DEV_AUXDATA("nvidia,tegra20-i2c", 0x7000C000, "tegra-i2c.0", NULL),
OF_DEV_AUXDATA("nvidia,tegra20-i2c", 0x7000C400, "tegra-i2c.1", NULL),
OF_DEV_AUXDATA("nvidia,tegra20-i2c", 0x7000C500, "tegra-i2c.2", NULL),
OF_DEV_AUXDATA("nvidia,tegra20-i2c", 0x7000C700, "tegra-i2c.3", NULL),
OF_DEV_AUXDATA("nvidia,tegra20-i2c", 0x7000D000, "tegra-i2c.4", NULL),
OF_DEV_AUXDATA("nvidia,tegra30-ahub", 0x70080000, "tegra30-ahub", NULL),

Please clarify me which adapter number should i use for camera interface.

thanks & regards,