I2c write reg failed!


I’m trying to make single version of ar0144 work with my EN715 carrier, Jetson Nano Developer Board.

when I do media-ctl -p, I can see ar0144 is enabled… as seen from here:

~$ media-ctl -p
Media controller API version 0.1.0

Media device information

driver vi
model NVIDIA Tegra Video Input Device
bus info
hw revision 0x3
driver version 0.0.0

Device topology

  • entity 1: nvcsi–1 (2 pads, 2 links)
    type V4L2 subdev subtype Unknown flags 0
    device node name /dev/v4l-subdev0
    pad0: Sink
    ← “ar0144 6-0010”:0 [ENABLED]
    pad1: Source
    → “vi-output, ar0144 6-0010”:0 [ENABLED]

  • entity 4: ar0144 6-0010 (1 pad, 1 link)
    type V4L2 subdev subtype Sensor flags 0
    device node name /dev/v4l-subdev1
    pad0: Source
    [fmt:SRGGB12_1X12/1280x720 field:none colorspace:srgb]
    → “nvcsi–1”:0 [ENABLED]

  • entity 6: vi-output, ar0144 6-0010 (1 pad, 1 link)
    type Node subtype V4L flags 0
    device node name /dev/video0
    pad0: Sink
    ← “nvcsi–1”:1 [ENABLED]

but no matter what I do, the ar0144 seems like couldn’t write its registers, here is the log:

[ 1.303374] ar0144 pdp-1
[ 1.303376] ar0144 pdp-2
[ 1.303418] ar0144 6-0010: Pakcell 12
[ 1.303422] ar0144 6-0010: ar0144_power_get func begin
[ 1.303425] ar0144 6-0010: ar0144_power_on func begin
[ 1.303428] ar0144 6-0010: Before ar0144_initialize_controls
[ 1.303431] ar0144 6-0010: ar0144_initialize_controls func begin
[ 1.303451] ar0144 6-0010: After ar0144_initialize_controls
[ 1.456857] vi 54080000.vi: subdev ar0144 6-0010 bound
[ 1.457101] ar0144_get_fmt func begin
[ 1.457109] ar0144 6-0010: ar0144_get_fmt: 3012 1280x720 ycbcr_enc:8
[ 4.114170] ar0144 6-0010: ar0144_s_stream func begin
[ 4.117219] ar0144 6-0010: ar0144_s_stream enable
[ 4.117525] tegra-vii2c 546c0000.i2c: no acknowledge from address 0x10
[ 4.132523] ar0144 6-0010: ar0144 write reg(0x3088 val:0x8000) failed !

and afterwards no ack and write errors goes on and on…

Any help? I stuck with this

hello tunakayakaan,

normally, this due to the regulator settings, please examine your device tree settings.

Hello Jerry,

where exactly I can find these regulator settings in device tree ? I’m trying to use t210 porg


Please check with AverMedia if EN715 supports ar0144. It looks like ar0144 is not powered on so the error is printed. Please check with board vendor if certain pins have to be set to GPIO pin for powering on the camera.

So ar0144 is definitely powered on. I’m not sure about EN715 supports it or not but the same driver used to work on L4T_32.5.1. I want to update the kernel, so I’m trying to make same driver work on L4T_32.6.1.

I’m stuck hard, appreciate the help

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