I2S Connectioons


I find NX has one MCLK pin on 40-pin-header,
so what if you need to connect NX with two or more I2S devices?

In my case, I have a LT6911(a hdmi to mipi birdge IC) need to work on master mode and give MCLK to NX,
and I also need to connect NX with a CS4270(a audio codec) which works as a slave and need nx gives the MCLK.
So could NX work as a master for CS4270 and at the same time works as a slave for LT6911?

Could NX work well with above case?

I think this may be a general problem, is there any solutions to this case?


Sure, OEM Design guide has given the example of Jeston as master & slave.

Thanks for your reply!
I did not find an OEM Design guide for NX.
Could you share the link?



Our carrier board design already have audio codec which need MCLK from Jetson NX as input ,
but we still have HDMI bridge which need send HDMI audio by I2S to Jetson (as I2S slave ) ,

I just want to confirm if Jetson as I2S slave need MCLK been feed from master ? @Trumany


BTW, NX only have one MCLK pin ,that is the reason we have to confirm that

Please refer to the Xavier NX DG https://developer.nvidia.com/jetson-xavier-nx-product-design-guide-v10, what NX can support are all in it.