I2S pins for SPI communication

Hi All,

I am using Jetson nano module with a custom built carrier board.

The existing SPI pins are already used, will we be able to software emulate the SPI on the I2S pins located on the Jetson? Currently these pins are not being used in the current schematic. The pins numbers are as follows

Pin 220 - I2S1_DOUT

Pin 222 - I2S1_DIN

Pin 224 - I2S_FS

Pin 226 - I2S_SCLK

The datasheet says that these pins are used for streaming audio data between system memory and audio codec. Will there be any conflict if we utilize these pins for emulating SPI? Please advise.


Those pin can’t be as SPI function, but can config as GPIO pin.
Do you want to use GPIO simulate SPI function?

thanks for the reply, yes I have few GPIO spare on Jeston Nano carrier board and wish to use them for SPI operation - can you please suggest how can this be done ?

No spare SPI pins are left hence we want to use the gpio for SPI operation

I think you can connect 2 device for each SPI and Nano pin header have two SPI that tell you can connect 4 SPI device.

thanks for the reply but we have already connected 2 devices per SPI hence all 4 options are exhausted.

Hence requesting if there is a way to use the gpio for SPI control ?

I don’t have experience for it. But you may reference to below to check.