I2S will be broken on latest packages?


I am confused by a strange I2S phenomenon with the Jetson Nano Developer Kit B01.

How to reproduce:

  1. write JetPack 4.6.1 to SD card, boot and initial setup for terminal
  2. run sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade in terminal
  3. Enable aud_mclk, i2s4 using jetson-io.py and reboot
  4. arecord -D hw:tegrasnd210ref,0 -f S24_LE > /dev/null
  5. Check the clock output of Pin12 I2S4_SCLK

The first arecord outputs SCLK, but when arecord is run again after reboot, the SCLK clock is not output. It never comes out again.
Four new Developper Kit had the same phenomenon.

The phenomenon did not occur without apt upgrade (prodecure 2) on another new Developper Kit.
However SCLK does not come out even if use SD that has not been apt upgraded once I2S stops working.

No SCLK, but software operation appears to be fine.

Does the latest package apt upgrade break I2S?

Hi s-horiuchi,
To further understand the issue, I would like your inputs on below ask.

  1. Provide the dump of mixer controls with "# amixer -c tegrasnd210ref contents "
  2. Provide the sysfs dump of pinmux configuration “sudo grep dap4 /sys/kernel/debug/tegra_pinctrl_reg”
  3. Provide the kernel uart log

We might need two different dump logs (1) dump files during first time run (working) (2) dump when things not working after reboot.

I’m closing this topic due to there is no update from you for a period, assuming this issue was resolved.
If still need the support, please open a new topic. Thanks

Hi s-horiuchi,
Any update on the requested info. If the issue got resolved, Please update the same here.